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gardeningIt is very easy for a garden to grow out of control and look uncared for. If this goes on for a long period of time, then many shrubs may not look so attractive after harsh pruning, and what once was a thriving lawn is now what seems to be a dead patch of hay. However with a little time, patience and hard labour, one year can see you return a garden to somewhere near its former glory.

The beginning of spring is the best time to start on renovating a garden as by then there will be no more morning frosts to do any harm to freshly cut grass or newly pruned plants.

Some tips

Cut the grass on the lawn, don’t mow it as you will cut the grass too short. Cut it with a strimmer and if the grass was very long, then leave a good four inches. The reason for this is the base will consist if very thick and half-dead grass that won’t be used to sunlight. Cutting it shorter will allow this grass to recover and also for new shoots to grow, but cut it too short and it will just die off from shock. Once a fortnight just trim it back to four inches, and then after a couple of months, slowly start to reduce it in height, which will allow seeds to germinate and grow. After a couple of months the new shoots and seeds should have established a lovely green carpet, and then you can start to give the lawn a good rake to remove the dead grass – thatch- to allow the new grass to establish itself completely.

For shrubs and bushes don’t be afraid to prune them back harshly – in the spring they are all bursting with energy and new shoots will appear everywhere. For any flower beds, weed thoroughly and prune back any rose bushes back about 6”. To save having to weed all the time, use bark chips to inhibit weed growth.

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